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An international toddler community and preschool with a bilingual (English/Czech) program based on the Montessori method. Our experienced and certified teachers are dedicated to working with children. Every term we share with parents a progress report summarizing  the child´s development. Close cooperation between the school and families helps children feel as comfortable at school as they do at home.                          

Joy on the elipse

Joy on the elipse



An environment with a gentle and loving atmosphere which supports well rounded development and natural absorption of both languages. The Montessori educational environment is built according to feng shui principles of a harmonious space. You can see the photos of the NestLingue interiors here.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Interior of NestLingue Primary classroom

Interior of NestLingue Primary classroom



  • Conscious support of child´s developmental needs and sensitive integration into his/her own life.

  • Respectful and loving environment.

  • Natural absorption of two languages.

  • Experienced and qualified teachers.

  • Attractive location close to nature.

  • Progress report of your child twice a year.

  • Close cooperation with parents.

The children of NestLingue preschool

The children of NestLingue preschool


We choose our teachers very carefully with strong emphasis on character and personality. Currently the NestLingue team is:


Klára Markuciová

Head of School and Primary Lead Teacher


Roman Beneš, Bc.

Primary Czech and Drum Teacher

Roman Beneš

Klára Šuber Jechová, Mgr.

Toddler Responsible Teacher

Mgr. Klára Šuber Jechová

Jiří Hunyady

Toddler and Primary Music Teacher

NestLingue Team - Jirka.jpg

Alena Brothánková, MBA

Deputy Head of School

Alena Brothánková

Rebekah Connor, bc.

Primary English Teacher

Rebekah Jacksh

Gwendoline Jacksh

English Toddler Teacher

Gwendoline Jacksh

Lucie Švrčková

Lunch Lady

NestLingue team - Lucie Švrčková.jpg

Martin Wilczek, Ing.

School photographer

Martin Wilczek

Michal Blahovec, BBA

Primary Art Teacher

NestLingue team - Michal Blahovec-2.jpg

Mahnaz Hashem

Afternoon School Teacher

Mahnaz Hashem


School Cat



conscious support of the natural development of the children, based on experience, self-sufficiency, self-confidence, mutual respect and love. 


With great sensitivity we created an environment that fully respects and supports the individual learning needs of the children at different developmental stages, which helps them to find a positive form of self-expression.

We pay attention to the immense capacity of the child, which is present at its highest power by the age of 6 years. We are aware that this is a central and crucial period of his/her life's journey. In cooperation with parents we are helping children to form healthy roots that forms physically, mentally, emotionally and emotionally developed characters and solid human beings. 

You can check our school leaflet here.


Montessori Way 



Montessori approach helps children to fully develop their individual human potential. Suitable learning environment serves to expand a child´s knowledge in all areas of learning through the child´s own exploration and discoveries. Freedom of choice of an activity brings forth an excitement from learning which a child never loses later in live. Mixed age groups allow children to experience a sense of community in a setting of cooperative learning and social awareness.




PRACTICAL LIFE ACTIVITIES: help the child gain independence and self assurance by learning practical living tasks.

SENSORIAL MATERIALS: help to refine the child´s sences, promoting his ability to clarify expressions, thus enhancing his intellectual and cognitive skills.

LANGUAGE: speaking, writing and reading activities expand into all subject areas, refining and expanding the child´s language skills.

MATHEMATICS: children learn fundamental mathematical concepts through experiences with concrete materials. From understanding simple calculations, they are gradually led to understand quite complex mathematical processes.

CULTURE: the studies of Geography, History, Art and Music are offered through a variety of delightfull activities.

SCIENCE: children gain experiences in Natuer Study to gain knowledge of the beauty and interrelationship of plant and animal life – preparing them to become the stewards of our planet Earth. Simple Physical Science experiments give children and introduction to be physical cause and effect in their everyday lives.



What is Montessori?



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